T Bevel vs Angle Finder (Which Is Better)

If you are involved in woodworking or construction works, you have seen the use of t bevels and angle finders. They are used to find tough angles that you can’t calculate otherwise.

But choosing between T Bevel vs Angle Finder is difficult.

Well, it comes down to your preference, mode of work, comfort, availability, and price. T Bevel is versatile, durable, safe, and great for personal use. On the other hand, Angle Finder is an industry-standard tool for transferring angles and measures accurately no matter how tough the angle is.

Overview of T Bevel and Angle Finder

There are a few tools used in woodworking that can lay and transfer angles. Among those, T Bevel and Angle Finder are popular choices. They are very handy tools that can perfectly take care of tough angles.

As the name suggests, a T Bevel is a T-shaped sliding tool that you can easily use for laying and transferring angles. There are two parts to this tool. One is the handle and the other is the blade that can rotate.

Between the two sides of the blade, one aside is fully rounded off. The other end is cut at a perfect 45-degree angle for better measurements. The blade can rotate a full circle, 360 degrees. This allows the tool to make any angle.

An Angle Finder is another tool that woodworkers and construction workers use to measure and replicate an angle. It is made by connecting two ruler-shaped finders with a wing nut that holds them in place.

A digital angle calculator is attached to one of the rulers that shows the angle. It is a handy and useful tool if you are searching for one of those corner-angle finders. It gives you very accurate and precise results.

If you are here specifically searching for good T Bevels, you can check our recommendation list from down below:

Product Name Unique Feature 1 Unique Feature 2 General Tools T-Bevel Gauge & Protractor 828 Digital angle meter with four different function keys and auto-shutoff Impact-resistant ABS handle and stainless steel blade. Swanson Tool 9 Inch Sliding T-Bevel Precision-etched 9 inches blade with brass bound hardwood handle Large diameter flush tensioning knob that allows easy adjustments.

T Bevel vs Angle Finder: Factors To Consider

If you are just looking for a tool that can measure angles, you are probably fine to go with any of the two tools mentioned. But if you are into woodworking, then you may want to consider the characteristics of these tools.

Factor 1: Versatility

Both the tools are quite versatile. They can lay and transfer any angle from 0 degrees up to 360 degrees. But the construction and working mechanisms of T Bevel and Angle Finder are quite different.

As the T Bevel rotates on the wing nut, it works very well in situations where a 90-degree ideal angle seems impossible.

On the contrary, Angle Finder has a set of 8-inch blades attached with a moving nut at the end which can also measure any angle.

So, in terms of versatility, we can call it a draw.

Factor 2: Accuracy

One of the most vital things in woodworking is precision. Without precision, woodworking becomes a lot tougher. Both the tools discussed here are well accurate. But the edge goes to the Angle Finder.

There are two types of T Bevels in the market. One with digital protractors and another with a thumbscrew. While T Bevel with electronic protractors provides accurate results, one with the thumbscrew may fail to satisfy.

Whereas, an Angle Finder comes with a digital meter that can read and reverse angles perfectly. As it is a digital device, you can trust this one with your eyes closed.

So, in the segment of accuracy, we will give Angle Finder the upper hand.

Factor 3: Ease of Use

Both T Bevel and Angle Finder are pretty lightweight and easy to handle.

The T Bevel comes with a foldable handle made from plastic or wood. So, you can fold the handle to cover the sharp angle of the blade when you are done using it. The wing nut lets the user maneuver the tool easily.

The Angle Finder is foldable too. The two blades of it can be folded together to save space, thanks to the rotating nut. Some Angle Finders come with magnets attached to them that can be used for hands-free measuring.

Both the tools are very capable but as Angle Finder can be used hands-free, we prefer it over the T Bevel.

Factor 4: Longevity

As these tools are made for professional use, they feature high-grade industrial materials. Both T Bevels and Angle Finders are generally constructed from stainless steel that is proven to serve for years if taken properly care.

The blades of both are anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Angle Finder is completely made from steel and plastic. But the T Bevel may come with a wooden handle. So, you need to be careful about the handle as it may get damaged.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that the Angle Finder comes with an auto-shutoff system. If that is missing from the tool, the battery may drain rather quickly and you will need to replace the battery frequently.

So, we call it a draw between the tools in terms of longevity.

Final Verdict

Now that we have drawn a comparative picture of T Bevel and Angle Finder, it should be easier for you to judge which is better for you.

From our comparison, it is quite clear that the Angle Finder is better than T Bevel in accuracy and ease of use. With other criteria resulting in a draw, we can easily crown Angle Finder as the winner of this comparison.

If you are looking for a good Angle Finder, here are some of our recommended products:

Product Name Unique Feature 1 Unique Feature 2 Starrett Miter Saw Protractor 7” protractor for accurate angle finding Laser engraved dial scale made from durable engineered plastic. General Tools Digital Angle Finder Ruler An accuracy of 0.3° and a complete 360-degree range Comes with a digital LCD angle meter.

But it boils down to personal preference and your mode of use. If you think T Bevel is more appropriate for your type of work, you may go for it.


Can I measure above 180 degrees in T Bevel?

Yes, you can. The T Bevel has a rotating handle. So, you can measure up to 30 degrees without any hassle.

Does T Bevel come with a digital meter?

Some do, some don’t. If you need a digital meter, check the writing on the packaging or open it up. Modern T Bevels come with electronic protractors.

How long are the blades of an Angle Finder?

It depends on the manufacturer and the model. Usually, the blades of an Angle Finder are 8 inches long.

Wrap Up!

That’s it for today. The above discussion should answer your query – T Bevel vs Angle Finder. Hopefully, you are now aware of different factors that you may have to consider while choosing between the two tools.

If you are still confused, talk to a person who is familiar with both tools. Leave feedback if you have any. Best of luck.

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